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Style Guide

Writing for an academic blog requires a different style than that for other kinds of publications. This guide outlines the style of Crossroads Europe.


Our articles are generally 600–1000 words. We do not normally publish outside of this range.


We publish in standard UK English.


The title should give a clear understanding of the article’s content. It should be around 40-65 characters (including spaces), and no longer than 120 characters (including spaces).


Our articles are written in short paragraphs of several sentences at most. This style suits our format as a blog. Please do not use numbered lists or bullet points and instead render these in paragraph form.


All citations should be given as in-text hyperlinks (such as this). We do not publish footnotes, endnotes, references or bibliographies.

File Format

Please send your article as a Microsoft Word or Open Office file.


We spell these words as follows: euro, Eurozone, Euroscepticism, Member State, per cent.

UACES and Ideas on Europe do not take responsibility for opinions expressed in articles on blogs hosted on Ideas on Europe. All opinions are those of the contributing authors.