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How to Contribute

If you are interested in submitting an article to Crossroads Europe, the following guide will lead you through the process.

Solicited Submissions

Crossroads Europe invites contributions from authors publishing work in JCER and from postgraduate and early-career researchers working in contemporary European studies who participate in Graduate Forum events.

Unsolicited Submissions

We welcome unsolicited submissions from postgraduate students and early-career researchers who are members of UACES and/or the UACES Graduate Forum. Should you have any questions, please contact us.


Our remit is two-fold.

First, we publish work on Europe and European affairs, broadly defined – this includes all of the topics within contemporary European studies and related fields (e.g. Politics, International Relations, Law, History, Anthropology, Economics, Geography).

Second, we publish work on the research experience (such as academic writing, publications, teaching and learning, career opportunities) – principally within the frame of European studies.

For a sense of what we publish, please have a look at our recent articles. Our expectation is that, as a researcher, your submission will be within your expertise. Please note that, while our brief is wide, we can only accept articles which fall within our areas of focus.

Length and Style

Our articles are comment and analysis-style pieces and run 600–1000 words. For further details on style and format, please follow our Style Guide.

Submission Process

*This process does not apply to JCER authors, who should contact their journal article editor(s) in the first instance*

To begin the process, please email Olga Litvyak or Louise Wylie.

You are welcome either (1) to let us know about an idea for an article or (2) to send us an article directly. Please be advised that, in line with our editorial remit, we may not be able to accept full articles sent to us without our prior agreement.

We aim to acknowledge receipt of submissions within two working days.

Following this, we will normally give a decision within five working days. In the case of a pitch for an article, this decision is preliminary and subject to change after production of the actual article.

Should your article be successful, we will edit it in line with our house style, a summary of which is found as our Style Guide. We will send our proposed changes back to you for your agreement within 48 hours. We will take an absence of reply as confirmation of your agreement.

Once your article is ready for publication, we will schedule it in accordance with our availability and editorial direction. We will tell you when your article is published. We encourage authors to read the comments on their articles and to reply where relevant.

Please note that we publish our articles under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License. By submitting an article to us, you agree to this publication scheme and all other terms as outlined on this website.

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