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Welcome to Crossroads Europe!

We are pleased to welcome you to Crossroads Europe!

Crossroads Europe is the blog of the UACES Student Forum, the network of research students in contemporary European Studies.

The aim of the blog is to showcases comment and analysis on the issues facing Europe today and reflections on being a researcher, from postgraduate authors. It provides a space for postgraduates to make a contribution to current debates and to gain experience in writing for an academic blog.

As part of our launch, we have put together a series of Inaugural Articles:

Publication: From Student Forum Paper to Journal Article
by Viviane Gravey

Engaging Beyond Your Research: Make the Most of Opportunities to Expand Your Horizons
by Anna Wambach

Innovating with Digital Media: Looking Towards the Future of Academia
by Anthony Salamone

Teaching European Studies: Student Forum Seminar Report
by Quincy Cloet and Pawel Pustelnik

We welcome contributions from postgraduates and recent postgraduates. For more information, feel free to get in contact with us.

You can also find us on the UACES Student Forum’s Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your support!

Anthony Salamone | Viviane Gravey

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Anthony Salamone | @AMSalamoneAnthony Salamone
University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone is PhD Candidate in Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Managing Editor of European Futures. He is a Committee Member of the UACES Student Forum and Co-Editor of Crossroads Europe.

Viviane Gravey | @VGraveyViviane Gravey
University of East Anglia

Viviane Gravey is PhD Candidate in Environmental Sciences at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia and co-author of Environmental Europe? She is Chair of the UACES Student Forum and Co-Editor of Crossroads Europe.

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